Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Good grief I thought I was doing pretty good for a while until I signed in my blog and seen I haven't done anything on here in forever and a day!

Well what can I say life is hectic and the time passes too fast!

I got a new kitten along side a road in Ohio and brought it home. Her name is Boo and she is crazy! Her name should have been mischevious!

I finsished 2 quilt bags since I came home from retreat in September so not much sewing going on here!

My daughter who has Muscular Dystrophy Limb Girdle is pregnant with her 2nd child and so I have been helping her get the house ready and get her organized. She has trouble and things are getting worse as far as her strength. We ahve decided to have a maid come in a few days per week to help out once we get the house the way she wants it. It makes me so to see her struggle and I get teary eyed alot. She has a great spirit about her though so that helps. I love my kids tons and I am so proud of all 3 of them.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feeling better every day!

Wow what an adventure with viral menegitis I am having. I actually am free of the sickness just having after math headaches and not feeling so well but definately feeling a heck of a lot better. I spent 12 days int eh hospital mostly in CCU. Hubby stayed by my side and is the best man in the world to me! I know alot of you have grteat hubbies too! LOL ANyway I am trying to get up enough strength to go back to work and get some sewing done. I just haven't been able to as yet, but I am doing better so I hope to get some stuff going. It was a good thing I got my challenge done before getting sick or I would be scrambling now. Ellen

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What an Offer! make sure you tell her I sent ya!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

UPDATE on Stimulus Package!
Joanne's Stimulus Package
I know money is tight for everyone, but we need to get the money flowing! Here is a special deal for the quilters in blogland. From March 15 thru April 15 I am offering to quilt, random pattern, on your tops for half price. That means your queen/full is $25, twin $12, and crib $7. Here's the outline: 1. One quilt per person, unless you qualify for additional tops. See below for further details.2. Leave a comment here on my blog. I will contact you to "schedule" your time. Remember I will schedule 2 quilts per day. (this will be your entry for the March 15 - April 15th time frame)3 Post a link to my blog telling about "Joanne's Quilting Stimulus Package" using your blog or Facebook and you will receive credit for an additional quilt to be scheduled after April 15th. (Here is the second opportunity)4. If you identify how you heard of the "Joanne's Quilting Stimulus Package" you can earn an additional quilt top quilted. Again, this top will be scheduled after April 15th. (Here is the third!)Addition!!!!!5. PASS IT ON!!!! ------ For the fun of it! Tell all of your friends about the "Quilting Stimulus" and if they sign up and mention that you referred them, you will qualify again for an additional quilt. This one is good until all 30 days are filled with names. So, PASS IT ON!!!Here's the ugly part...paymentI am asking that you pay for half of the services to secure your spot. Payment will be required one week in advance. This will secure your spot, and guarantee your pricing. I accept cash, check, money order and even paypal. If payment is not made 7 days prior to your scheduled date you will lose your spot. This will give someone else the opportunity to cash in on this cheap....er....economical great deal. Here's the super fine print:Like the government, school corporations, and large financial institutions, I'm making up the rules as I go along. Especially since I've never done this before. The rules are subject to change, but unlike the above mentioned organizations, I promise to be fair and work with you. Those of you who know me, know that I am an honest stand up person that would not cheat or do something to someone else for personal gain. We will make provisions to get your top, batting, and back (please make sure it's at least 6-8 inches longer and wider than your top) to me during our correspondence.
Don't forget to please send me your email address so I can contact you to set a date for you!! Joannelendaro @ yahoo.com (remove spaces)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Number 1 challenge done~!

Yeah I got my chocolate challenge done and pictures sent as well! Yeah I am on a roll. I have 3 more challenges left to do before September's retreat.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mumbles for today!`

Well it is Survivor night well my favorite TV night! It is also after work on Thursday which means only one more day until teh weekend~ I need the weekend~BAD~! We are planning to get our grandosn for the weekend which is usually exhausting but fun~!

I plan on working some more on my challenge project, but the freakin directions to this pattern sucks so I may have to improvise and make up my own directions!

Anyway I sure hope I can get it done this weekend and start the next one after that! I told myself I wasn't going to procrastinate but hey it is in my blood what can I say!

Okay more later~ Ellen

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chocolate Challenge is under way!

I finally started my project and I am very happy to be sewing once again I have taken a long break to organize my stash and sewing room. I got a lot done though I am not fully complete with the fabric sorting as yet. I still haev my scraps to organize and it is taking a lot of time. So I told myself I need to take some time to enjoy the friuts of my labor and get into my next project. I can't show pictures of my progress because it is a contest, but once the contest it over I will post a picture of the finished project for sure.

I have 2 more challenges that are due in September and so I thought I had better get started or I would have nothing done as time keeps getting away from me. The chocolate challenge is due by May 15th. I am having fun with it so far! This is a challenge form my friend Rhonda she has the best ideas for things and they usually are a ton of fun! Well back to sewing I guess! Bye for now. Ellen

Friday, February 13, 2009

the night before Valentine's day 2009

I found myself going to my friends blogs tonight as it is late and I can't talk to them. I am missing them very much! Rhonda has a new job and is always busy! Mary is always got something going on and everyone else is far away!

So I am just goign along visiting them via web pages!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update!
In honor of the month of February, the month of Love, I thought I would do a giveaway. This is what you will win! Six great FQ's that I am sure you will find something to do with!

My Friend Rhonda has an exciting give away going on right now! So You may want to visit her blog! She is listed as one of my favs! Good luck!


Monday, February 2, 2009

First post of 2009! Gee I have been busy sorting my stash and getting it under control. I vow not to buy anymore fabric until 2010! So far so good.

I am in the process of getting things organized in my sewing room. Thus far I have sorted all my stash and put the likes together for sizes and colors for all the FQ's, 1/2 yards, 3/4 yards, 1 yards, and over 1 yards! Everything else went in the scraps categories. I plan on using Bonnie Hunter's scrap system from QUILTVILLE web site.

Phew this is taking me a long time but once I am there I will keep it going so no more will I be unorganized! I plan on doing Bonnie's double deligth mystery and so I can't wait to get this done to get started.

Oh yeah see I told myself I can't do any sewing until this is all done so it is driving me crazy currently not to sew anything right now. So in the evenoing I have been cutting the scraps into using parts for the sytem Bonnie speaks about. I am getting closer with each evening and on the weekends!

I probable should take BIG BERTHA to the shop to get serviced while I am doing this, She is my Janome Memory craft 6600 the best machine in the world in my humble opinion!

Well that is what I am up to more later! Ellen