Sunday, September 4, 2011

Golly it is September already!!!!!!

Been really busy lately got some sewingm done to. I have been really stressed lately and trouble getting blood pressure under control, even to the poitn of chesat pains...not good!

Anyway I have a 4 day weekend over laborday so I am trying to relax and do some house work that has been neglected. We started to rip up carpet to so we can put tile down. I am so excited to be doing this as I hate carpet and the dirt and dust it holds. We planm to do 2 rooms and the hallway then put int laminate wood floors in the bedrooms. That will then make all the floors we have replaced in the house. This is the house we plan to die in so why not make it the way you want it right? We will have to do the sewing room last because it has too much stuff int here so maybe I can get some pay it forward packages sent only they do not know I am helping myself get rid of stuff! LOL win win I call it!

Well I guess I will post some pics of some thing I have been working on enjoy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wonderful giveaway I foudn today. go here and check it out!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Win an Accuquilt Babay Go!!!!!!!!!!

Go to this blog and sign up to win I did! Good Luck! By the way this is a great blog check it out!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sent off my mini quil today.

I will post a picture after this post. I really liked how it turned out we did circles & curves for the theme. Let me know what you think of it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wow it has been a long time since I last posted!

Well I am back to sewing and have joined some Flicker groups and am having a ball! We have been doing bitty blocks that are 3.5 unfinished, a mug rug swap, and a mini quilt swap. I will post pictures later as I am on the wrong computer to post them. I love seeing pictures and flicker groups show off thier creations alot so I am loving it forsure. I have also made some new friends and that is always great!

Well I better go I need to cut my husbands hair before our dinner out. Then I plan on completing my mugrug & mini all I have to do is sandwhich, quilt & bond them both so I should have them done tonight. I also need to label some envelope to send out my May bitty's tomorrow morning.

I have joined ht ebitty alphabet swap and I have the letter Q so much fun! I also joined hte fairy tales gone wild. I am doing humpty dumpty being pushed off the wall. These are all coming out great so I will post pictures of them when I get them all. There are some very talented ladies in this group let me tell ya! Okay bye for now!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Well Spring break started for my grandson today!

We have him for an entire week....and I go an get sick! He told me tonight I need to get better so we can go shopping, LOL I told him I know! He is 7 and in the first grade.

I recently signed up for some bitty block swaps and a mini-quilt swap I have my ideas ready to go and I just need to feel better now. I think I will try to get started on my sweets becasue I have some hand sewing to do on them as well. I may as well do that while I am staying in my bedroom so I do not infect Dear husband and grandson. I would hate it if they caught this even though Devin's little sister & my daughter gave it to me. I should have been more careful but it is so hard not to love on your kids and grandkids!

I am so excited about the swaps coming up! The ladies in the groups are so incredible talented... I was just amazed and knew I had to be part of this group. few of hte ladies are Wizard of Oz nuts to! I though I was the only one! LOL at leaqst that is what my husband says cause I watch the movie over and over again! At least 3 times a year minimum. Last year one of the station had a marathon going on all day it was awesome!

More later not sure if I can post pictures of my blocks on here while the swap is going on so you will have to wait until I am sure it is okay to post them. Later friends!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March is here does that mean spring is closer?

You bet it does! I am getting so excited to! We have to get through the March Madness of Basketball first then it should get nicer. I can't wait to open my windows and see some flowers.

Tomorrow I plan to go shopping at Joann's for their coupon commotion sale...I need some fun buttons for a project I am working on.

Have you heard of a mug rug? They are basically a large coaster for a cup of jo & a cookie or snack. I am going to make my co-workers one and surprise them in teh mail and not say who they are from! Hehe! Should I put secret admirer on them or guess who? I love to surprise people. I have another surprise up my sleeve but I can't say what it is because the person I am going to surprise may read this!

I got a lot to do yet on some other projects to so the remainder fo the day tomorrow will be a sewing day for me...Yippee!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does this sounds like fun? PAY IT FORWARD!!!!

have been looking at these for a long time and just now decided to sign up. I am under
Sharon at Vroomans Quilts.

I like to send 'surprise' gifts along to people anyway, but joined in the bloggyland "Pay it Forward" in the hopes of encouraging others. I know quilters send so much love around to those in need and forget to 'gift' themselves. Here is a great way for quilters to say THANK YOU to other quilters.

The rules are simple:
I need three people that would like a gift from me.
I send each of them a gift sometime in the next year.
In turn, you send three other people gifts.
I don't think this is too hard a task considering we have a whole year!!
No need to be big and fancy, just kind and considerate.

Sewingly Yours, Ellen

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's cold outside here in the midwest!

We had an ice storm come through and we lost several branches and the yard looks like a war zone from them all!

I didn;t post any pictures of hte after since I need to take them yet and I have a headache tonight.

Oh well hardly anyone reads my blog anyway! LOL

If you do stop by tell me hi!

Monday, January 31, 2011

I have neglected this blog as usual!!!

I have been super busy though, I must admit. While I re-arranged my sewing room. I actually got everything in the room now! It is packed, LOL! I think I got some before and after pictures for you.

I also stopped working on my roll roll cotton boll temporary while I did this. This will also give my sister some time to catch up with me. I am still on step 3, but it is coming along....I got pictures of that to!

Tonight I went to BSF, which is an 8 year bible study commitment, only to find out they cancelled due to the weather (we are getting freezing rain) and it is accumulating rather rapidly! So I worried about our huge trees we need to get trimmed! YIKES what if they fall? I pray they don't! I also pray that people drive very carefully out there. My husband left for work this morning only to find a head on colision crash just a head of him! He said it was horrible accident and the police had just arrived. Scary stuff!

I know my blog says cats & quilts, but if you know me.... you know I now have a little chi named Sissy! She is 4 pounds and is a sweetie pie!

Okay I am going to start adding some pictures now! Talk to you all later! I think I will only add the pictures before....then the after ones maybe tomorrow! come back and see me! I hope I remember to! LOL