Saturday, March 5, 2011

March is here does that mean spring is closer?

You bet it does! I am getting so excited to! We have to get through the March Madness of Basketball first then it should get nicer. I can't wait to open my windows and see some flowers.

Tomorrow I plan to go shopping at Joann's for their coupon commotion sale...I need some fun buttons for a project I am working on.

Have you heard of a mug rug? They are basically a large coaster for a cup of jo & a cookie or snack. I am going to make my co-workers one and surprise them in teh mail and not say who they are from! Hehe! Should I put secret admirer on them or guess who? I love to surprise people. I have another surprise up my sleeve but I can't say what it is because the person I am going to surprise may read this!

I got a lot to do yet on some other projects to so the remainder fo the day tomorrow will be a sewing day for me...Yippee!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Well, even tho we have snow left from the last big storm - it has warmed, raining the next couple of days. But, the animal life is stirring. Skunk are out, raccoon cleaned out the bird feeders, a couple of chipmonks have emerged, and ferrets (mink) and rabbits are changing from winter coat colors to summer.

Need to share some photos = people love photos, even if projects are in progress.