Sunday, September 4, 2011

Golly it is September already!!!!!!

Been really busy lately got some sewingm done to. I have been really stressed lately and trouble getting blood pressure under control, even to the poitn of chesat pains...not good!

Anyway I have a 4 day weekend over laborday so I am trying to relax and do some house work that has been neglected. We started to rip up carpet to so we can put tile down. I am so excited to be doing this as I hate carpet and the dirt and dust it holds. We planm to do 2 rooms and the hallway then put int laminate wood floors in the bedrooms. That will then make all the floors we have replaced in the house. This is the house we plan to die in so why not make it the way you want it right? We will have to do the sewing room last because it has too much stuff int here so maybe I can get some pay it forward packages sent only they do not know I am helping myself get rid of stuff! LOL win win I call it!

Well I guess I will post some pics of some thing I have been working on enjoy!

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