Thursday, April 22, 2010

I just realized!

You know my blog says cats & quilts right? Well I do not have any pictures of my babies! So I decided to correct this tonight. Let me know what you think...I have 4 furbabies to be exact. The oldest is Naomi aka Nommers she is a torteshell we got her from the humane society.....then we have Frank the tank! He is a mancoon or Mainecoon however you want to say it or spell it....they are known for thier size and gentleness. Then we Velevet she was 1 of 4 kittens I saved from certain death, you see there was a call for help put out on a free cycle website that these kittens were going to die and was there some one out there that could help....well I am a sucker for cats so I went and got them and was able to get them to eat and go to the bathrooom. They were on the verge of as they were very dehydrated after the momma cat couldn't nurse them and their urine was so orange and concentrated that I was scared they would not make it.....Yet they all did! there were 4 total 3 female and long black haird and one male that was balck & white. I kept one, my daughters both have the other girls and my sister in Georgia took the male. Last bu not least I have Buckeye Boo...she has a story to! I was driving back from a biusiness trip and found her near some fileds with esd tail hawks circling around her. I stopped and brought her home and we decided to keep her. She is a long haired tabby and a sweet kitty!

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